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Ecuador: Rafael Correa To Register His Candidacy on Monday

  • Ecuador's former President Rafael Correa.

    Ecuador's former President Rafael Correa. | Photo: Twitter/ @79Trinchera

Published 28 August 2020

The Socialist binomial has until September 1 to formalize its participation in the 2021 elections.

The sister of Ecuador's former President Rafael Correa Friday announced that she will use a legal authorization signed by his brother to register his vice-president candidacy before the National Electoral Council (CNE).


Interpol Denies Red Alert Request Against Rafael Correa

"I am Rafael Correa's legal representative in Ecuador. On Monday, I will accept his candidacy," Pierina Correa explained as she assured that she will also deliver to the CNE her candidacy for the National Assembly.

The decision was announced shortly after Correa tweeted, "according to Lenin Moreno's administration, I will be put in jail if I go to Ecuador's embassy in Belgium to accept my candidacy."

The leftist politician has lived in Belgium since 2017. If he returns to the country, he could face a preventive detention order for the case 'Bribes 2012-2016'.

"This is political persecution to hinder my path to the vice presidency," Correa added.

On Friday, presidential candidate Andres Arauz attended the CNE headquarters in Quito to accept his candidacy. Electoral authorities require candidates to present themselves in the institution's building.

 "I registered my candidacy knowing that it is a great challenge to respond to the people in these times of economic desperation," Arauz said as he assured that the Correa-Arauz binomial will give back to the Ecuadorian people its dignity and hope.

The Democratic Center's candidates have until Tuesday, September 1, to accept their candidacies.

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