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Hamas Warns Israel Against Any Change in Al-Aqsa Status Quo

  • Al-Aqsa Mosque, March 16, 2023.

    Al-Aqsa Mosque, March 16, 2023. | Photo: Twitter/ @QudsNen

Published 16 March 2023

Israeli opccupation forces continue to amplify tensions in the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound as the holy month of Ramadan approaches.

On Wednesday, the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) warned Israel against any change in the status quo at the Al-Aqsa Mosque in East Jerusalem, saying any change "would turn the area into an earthquake."


Two Palestinian Youths Killed by Israeli Fire

Marwan Issa, deputy chief of staff of Al-Qassam Brigades, the military wing of Hamas, made the warning in an interview with Al-Aqsa TV, a Gaza-based satellite channel.

The remarks came amid warnings of increased tensions between the two sides, especially in Jerusalem and the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound, as the holy month of Ramadan and the Jewish Passover holiday approach.

"There is no political process, and the enemy (Israel) has annulled Oslo treaties (signed between Israel and the Palestinians in 1993), so that the coming days will be full of events and incidents," Issa said.

He called for "igniting and supporting resistance action in all Palestine, mainly in the West Bank and Jerusalem," adding: "We will defend the Palestinian people with all force when direct intervention is required."

In April 2022, Al-Aqsa Mosque compound witnessed violent clashes between Palestinian worshipers and Israeli police forces when Jews visited the holy site. Dozens of Palestinian worshipers were injured.

The Hamas threats also came amid escalating tensions in the West Bank which flared up in January. The Palestinian Health Ministry said that 84 Palestinians had been killed by Israeli soldiers in the West Bank and East Jerusalem since January.


Marwan Issa
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