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Argentina: 2 Intelligence Directors Prosecuted For Espionage

  • Citizens demand justice for the ARA San Juan sumbarine's sinking victims, Argentina.

    Citizens demand justice for the ARA San Juan sumbarine's sinking victims, Argentina. | Photo: Twitter/ @NTodxs

Published 1 December 2021

Diego Dalmau and Martin Coste are responsible for not controlling the intelligence activities carried out to spy on the ARA San Juan submarine crew's relatives.

On Tuesday, Judge Martin Bava tried Federal Intelligence Agency (AFI) Counterintelligence Department Ex-Directors Diego Dalmau and Martin Coste, who allowed illegal espionage of the relatives of the crew members of the Argentine Navy's ARA San Juan submarine, which sank in 2017.


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Bava held Coste as Dalmau responsible for not controlling the intelligence activities carried out at the Silver Sea naval base, in which several AFI agents stored information about the crew members' families without proper judicial authorization.

"The lack of control did not occur as a mere negligent conduct, but as a deliberate act due to a plan previously established by President Mauricio Macri’s administration (2015-2019) to find out what would be the claims of these citizens to the imminent death of their families," Bava stated.

Dalmau alleged that such intelligence reports did not go through his hands because they were part of the AFI investigations to ensure Macri's safety during his visit to the city. Coste claimed that the AFI did not intervene in these intelligence tasks because they were not related to internal security or national defense matters.

"How can it be that the AFI Counterintelligence directors did not know of tasks related to an issue of enormous institutional importance such as the ARA San Juan submarine's sinking?", Bava argued.

He also stressed that the illegal intelligence documents are not related to presidential security since much information in them contained is dated after Macri visited Silver Sea city.

So far, 11 former AFI agents and directors have been investigated for this case. In the coming days, Bava will determine whether to prosecute Macri, who refused to testify weeks ago since he considered that the judicial investigation is part of a "political complot" against him.

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