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Rosario City Plagued by Criminal Violence in Argentina

  • The Piñero Prison in Santa Fe, Argentina, March, 2024.

    The Piñero Prison in Santa Fe, Argentina, March, 2024. | Photo: X/ @Justici10997790

Published 11 March 2024

The Milei administration promised to send security forces to the province of Santa Fe.

On Monday, Argentina woke up in turmoil following the death of a taxi driver and a gas station employee, who were murdered by drug trafficking gangs in the port city of Rosario.


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Previously, gang leaders announced the random killing of workers as a way to pressure Santa Fe Governor Maximiliano Pullaro, who imposed "Bukele-style" controls in the prisons of his province after taking office.

The inmates, who demand to have cell phones again and to be able to receive visits from relatives, were supported from outside  by armed gangs, which also killed another taxi driver and a bus driver over the past week.

The Chamber of Service Stations, Garages, and Related Activities (CESGAR) and the Union of Gas Station Workers (SOESGPYLA) demanded greater security measures and began a strike.

The text reads, "Pot banging in Rosario to protest against violence. Hundreds of Rosario residents spontaneously came out to reject the drug-related violence that affects the city."

From Sunday night until Monday morning, garbage collectors also suspended their service in solidarity with the families of the victims. On Monday, public school teachers in Rosario suspended their activities.

In response to the events, the administration of the far-right President Javier Milei promised to send security forces to the province of Santa Fe.

On March 8, Security Minister Patricia Bullrich established a "Crisis Committee" in Rosario, which is composed of Federal Forces and the Army. She also announced that the government will use anti-terrorism laws to immediately confront Santa Fe province's problems.

Subsequently, the Milei administration will send to Congress an “Anti-Mafia Law” in which it is established that crimes committed by a gang member will be attributed to the entire gang.

"This bill would be similar to the legal proposal through which Italy put an end to the mafias,” Bullrich said.

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