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Bolivian Right-Wingers Prepare National Strike

  • Justice Minister Ivan Lima, Bolivia, Oct. 2021.

    Justice Minister Ivan Lima, Bolivia, Oct. 2021.

Published 5 October 2021

The business and organizations that supported the coup against Evo Morales do not want a law that would control illicit capital movements.

During a meeting carried out in Santa Cruz, "New Group of Unity for Freedom and Democracy" anounced a nationwide strike on Oct. 11. This right-wing organization rejects the Law Against the Legitimization of Illicit Earnings.


Bolivia: Añez's Pre-Trial Detention Extended By Five Months

The Group also demanded the restitution of police officers involved in the 2019 coup d'etat and the cessation of the "political persecution" against the Cochala Youths Resistance, which is actually a paramilitary group that was involved in the destabilization of Bolivian democracy. Former president Carlos Mesa and the Santa Cruz Governor also demanded the liberation of the 2019 coup-leader Jeanine Añez.

"These strikes are an attempt to obstruct the economic reactivation and to sabotage the government," Defense Minister Edmundo Novillo said.

"The opposition resorts to these measures as a way to pressure the government in an attempt to come to an agreement and avoid being prosecuted for the 38 deaths that occurred during the 2019 crisis that led to the resignation of Evo Morales," he added .

Justice Minister Ivan Lima also warned that the right-wing strike could provoke an economic loss of at least US$112 million.

The tweet reads, "We inaugurated Gen. Augusto Garcia Lara as Armed Forces Commander-in-Chief, Gen. Teofilo Medina as Chief of Staff, and Captain Francis Efrain Frank Salazar as Bolivian Navy Commander-in-Chief."


The Law Against the Legitimization of Illicit Income was approved by the Lower House and is being analyzed by the Senate. Business groups and religious organizations believe that this law will be used to intervene or sanction private companies and to violate people's privacy.

The Deputy Minister in charge of Financial Services, Vette Espinoza, however, explained that the law does not provide sanctions for informal economic activities nor does it seek to increase tax collection. Its main objective is to protect the country and its citizens from the illicit activities of money launderers.

President Luis Arce administration wishes to approve this law before the Latin American Financial Action Group (GAFILAT) carries out the next country evaluation on the control of illicit capital movements.

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