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Chile Urges the Removal of Carabineros' Chief After Violent Incident

  • Carabineros' General-Director Mario Rozas.

    Carabineros' General-Director Mario Rozas. | Photo: Twitter/ @HenryYoApruebo

Published 3 October 2020

The fall of a 16-year-old teenager into the Mapocho River after being pushed by a Chilean police officer (Carabineros) triggered the Chilean people's anger.

The Chilean people Friday demanded the resignation of Chilean Police Director General Mario Rozas after a 16-year-old boy fell into the Mapocho River after being pushed by an officer from the Pío Nono Bridge in Santiago, Chile.


Chile: Civilians Attack Mapuches With Carabineros' Complicity

On Friday night, citizens and politicians pro and against the Sebastian Piñera's government took over the social networks to demand the resignation of General Rozas once again after teleSUR broadcasted a video from the incident.

Carabineros also released the silent video recorded by a security camera showing how an officer pushed the young man into the river. Hours later, the same video was leaked but with the audio of those checking the security cameras. The voices could belong to Carabineros or municipal security officers. In that clip you can hear one of them say, 'he pushed him'.

The National Institute of Human Rights (INDH) director Sergio Micco visited the affected child in the Santa Maria Clinic, in the Providencia commune, and he informed that the victim is stable.

For a year now, Rozas has been criticized by the 'Carabineros' for the brutal repression they have used to contain the protests that have taken place in Chile since October 18, 2019. 

The United Nations (UN) has recognized that the Chilean police have committed human rights violations.

"We demand immediate investigation and justice without assembly. Rozas has to resign because of serious human rights violations," socialist lawmaker Isabel Allende tweeted.

The Carabineros only stated that this was "regrettable" incident while Sebastian Piñera has not referred to the violent act.

"The government cannot remain silent. We demand the resignation of the general director of the Carabineros and the immediate dismissal of all those involved for criminal repression," the Socialist Party urged.

"The evidence is clear: a carabinero pushed a young man off the bridge; that is a serious crime and the command must respond.

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