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Argentina Creates Visual Arts Award for LGBTI Women

  • A trans woman demonstrates for LGBTI rights, Buenos Aires, Argentina,

    A trans woman demonstrates for LGBTI rights, Buenos Aires, Argentina, | Photo: Twittert/ @pontejornalismo

Published 9 February 2021

The contest was called to enrich the country's cultural heritage and acquire new gender-focused artworks.

Argentina's Culture and Women, Gender, and Diversity Ministry called for the first edition of the "Visual Arts Acquisition Award 8M. Depatriarchalize Cultural Heritage", a contest that seeks to recognize the works of lesbian, trans, and transgender women artists.


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"For the first time, a competition is called from the government to reverse patriarchy in Argentine arts," Culture Minister Tristan Bauer noted, highlighting the gender disparity that exists in public art collections.

In Argentina's museums, "only 20 percent of the works belong to women artists," Bauer added as he explained that thanks to this contest, the country "will acquire new gender-focused artworks that will enrich our cultural heritage."

Until Feb. 20, female artists can register for the contest through the Culture Ministry's website by submitting a single work, which doesn't need to be previously unreleased.

Works can be submitted in any technique, such as painting, drawing, printmaking, photography, collage, sculpture, and video.

"Women, lesbians, travesties, and transgender people enrich art and culture as they shatter the paradigms that historically placed men at the center of the stage," Women, Gender, and Diversity Minister Elizabeth Gomez said.

The call is "the beginning of a process that will promote a collective change. It will show the impact of women's art in our society," she added.

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