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Bolivia: Self-Proclaimed President Rejects New Electoral Law

  • Self-proclaimed president Jeanine Añez, Bolivia, 2020.

    Self-proclaimed president Jeanine Añez, Bolivia, 2020. | Photo: Twitter/ @TARIJA200

Published 1 May 2020

Jeanine Añez argues that lawmakers acted on the orders of the Movement Towards Socialism.

Bolivia's Legislative Assembly president Eva Copa Thursday promulgated an electoral law that sets a 90-days term for holding general elections.​​​​​​ This decision, however, was rejected by the coup-born regime leader Jeanine Añez.


Bolivia: Deputies Agree on Date for General Elections

"In defense of Bolivians’ health and life, I reject the elections called by the Movement Towards Socialism (MAS). We must make choices when they are not health risks," Añez tweeted.

According to the U.S.-backed interim president, her regime does want to hold elections but it considers “not viable” an electoral process due to the epidemiological emergency.

This justification, however, is contradicted by her intention to end the quarantine and restart economic activities in May.

While the Chamber of Deputies plans to hold elections on August 2, the coup leader would seek to postpone that political event until September 27 at least.​​​​​​​

Social leaders ​​​​​​​criticized the postponement of the elections​​​​​​​ and stressed out that the coup-born government is only willing to extend its time in office.

“The de facto regime is once again demonstrating its desire to extend its rule. The legislature has passed a law in the time frame proposed by the Supreme Electoral Court. The people want democracy to be restored. The regime is not interested in Bolivians’ health. It is interested in assaulting the State” former President Evo Morales tweeted.

In her reaction to the Legislative Assembly decision, Añez argued that lawmakers acted on the orders of the left-wing leader Morales and the MAS presidential candidate Luis Arce.

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