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Amazon Prime Will Lower Resolution to Prevent Internet Collapse

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Published 20 March 2020

Online videos demand upraised after Covid-19 affected nations implemented social isolation.

Amazon Prime Video announced this Friday that will reduce video quality in streaming platforms during Covid-19’s quarantine.


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The multi-service company joins YouTube and Netflix’s initiative to face demand uprising and avoid network collapse. Online videos demand upraised after Covid-19 affected nations implemented social isolation. This circumstance leads to higher streaming content consumption.

In an official communication, Amazon Prime Video representatives affirmed: "We are working with local authorities and internet service providers where necessary to help mitigate any network congestion, including in Europe, where we have already started to reduce the bit rate.”

Amazon Prime Video will extent internationally the temporal disposition, in contrast with YouTube and Netflix that will only apply the palliative solution to European Union subscribers. 
Thierry Breton, European Commissioner for Internal Market and Industry, requested entertainment consortiums to ease users’ access to their content by lowing video resolution to standard quality.

 Amazon Prime Video also reduces the quality of content, such as Netflix and YouTube, in the European Union

Online video streaming requires high resolution could provoke internet services interruption, a technical issue that could affect those searching for entertainment but also who do have to work from home due to the virus and distant schooling.

Several international authorities also requested to streaming clients for a responsible content consumption with ludic purposes. Among other actions, subscribers should prioritize wifi for Internet navigation and to choose lower resolutions if it is possible. Some users suggest reducing downloading and if so, do it in small clips to avoid big data traffic.

So far, Youtube, Netflix and Amazon Prime videos announced this adjustment would last a month.

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