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World Leaders Celebrate Gabriel Boric's Victory in Chile

  • President-elect Gabriel Boric, Santiago, Chile, Dec. 19, 2021.

    President-elect Gabriel Boric, Santiago, Chile, Dec. 19, 2021. | Photo: Twitter/ @ArsenalFlaf

Published 20 December 2021

"I salute the people of Salvador Allende and Victor Jara for their resounding victory over fascism. Great democratic day! Long live Chile!," Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro stressed.

On Sunday, over 15 million citizens were summoned to participate in the election of the President of Chile for the period 2022-2026. The Approve Dignity candidate Gabriel Boric obtained 56 percent of the votes in an electoral process that had one of the highest participation rates in the history of this South American country.


Latin America Hails Boric's Victory In Chilean Elections

One of the first reactions to the victory of the leftist candidate was carried out by the Puebla Group, which highlighted that "his arrival in government confirms the progressive trend that the region is experiencing. It expresses the need for a new model of economic development that is more supportive and democratic. Boric's triumph also opens up new political spaces for progressive forces in the elections in Brazil and Colombia in 2022." Below are other reactions to Gabriel Boric's victory:


"We must assume the commitment to strengthen the bonds of brotherhood that unite our countries and to work together with the region to put an end to inequality in Latin America", President Alberto Fernandez.

"The people always come back and find the ways to do it. It can be a party, it can be a leader today and another tomorrow, but the people always come back. Congratulations President Gabriel Boric to you and the Chilean people," Vice President Cristina Fernandez tweeted.


"We salute the electoral triumph of Gabriel Boric, which is the triumph of the Chilean people. Latin American democracy is strengthened through unity, respect and, above all, the will of our peoples. Congratulations to the elected President of Chile!," Luis Arce.

"The victory of brother Gabriel Boric is the victory of democracy, integration, brotherhood, and respect for our peoples," Vice President David Choquehuanca.

"We salute the democratic vocation of our brother Chilean people and we congratulate Gabriel Boric for his triumph," Former President Evo Morales.


"I congratulate comrade Gabriel Boric for his election as president of Chile. I am happy for another victory for a democratic, progressive candidate in our Latin America, for the construction of a better future for all," Former President Lula da Silva.


President Ivan Duque sent a message to Boric expressing "interest in continuing to work together to strengthen the historic and fraternal bilateral relationship that unites us. We are brother countries."


"Cordial congratulations to Gabriel Boric for his election of him as President of Chile in a historic popular victory. We ratify the will to expand bilateral relations and cooperation between both peoples and governments," President Miguel Diaz-Canel said.


"Gabriel Boric, new president of Chile! Long live Chile! Long live the Great Homeland! Towards victory, always!" Former President Rafael Correa.


"The European Union (EU) congratulates Gabriel Boric on his election as the future President of Chile. We hope to further strengthen our relations with the next Chilean government. We are partners and together we are stronger," said Josep Borrell, the EU High Representative fo Foreign Affairs and Security Policy.

"Congratulations to Gabriel Boric, who was elected as the socialist president of Chile! A victory for hope and change. The united people will never be defeated!" Labor Party leader Jeremy Corbyn.


"With respect and joy, we salute his historic triumph, achieved with the brave Chilean people, inspired by the ever-present legacy of the president of dignity, Salvador Allende, and of so many heroes and martyrs of that great people," President Daniel Ortega and Vice President Rosario Murillo pointed out.


Foreign Affairs Minister Marcelo Ebrard stressed that the results of the elections should be seen as "great good news from Chile!"


"I congratulate the President-elect of Chile Gabriel Boric and convey a fraternal greeting to the Chilean people. We hope to continue working together in the development of our nations and the strengthening of democracy in the region," President Nito Cortizo.


"Congratulations on your triumph, my dear friend Gabriel Boric! The victory you have achieved is the victory of the Chilean people. It is a victory felt by the Latin American peoples who want to live with freedom, peace, justice, and dignity! Let's continue fighting for the unity of our nations," President Pedro Castillo.


"I congratulate the elected president of Chile Gabriel Boric and wish him success for the good of the Chilean people," President Luis Lacalle Pou.


"I congratulate the Approve Dignity coalition and Gabriel Boric, the newly elected president of Chile. I salute the people of Salvador Allende and Victor Jara for their resounding victory over fascism. Great democratic day! Long live Chile!," President Nicolas Maduro stressed.

"We salute the historic democratic day whose protagonist was the Chilean people. We congratulate President-elect Gabriel Boric and wish him many successes. He has our support to work for the integration of our America," said Sacha Llorenti, the secretary of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America - Peoples' Trade Treaty (ALBA-TCP).

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