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Washington Uninterested in Peace in Ukraine - Chinese Spox

  • China says U.S. seeks to prolong the ongoing conflict in Ukraine as long as possible. Apr. 29, 2022.

    China says U.S. seeks to prolong the ongoing conflict in Ukraine as long as possible. Apr. 29, 2022. | Photo: Twitter/@SuldanMohamed_

Published 29 April 2022

The U.S. seeks to prolong the conflict in Ukraine and undermine Russia, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijan said. 

On Friday, the official told a briefing that the U.S. is uninterested in peace in Ukraine, so it is making every effort to prolong the conflict for as long as possible. 

China Calls For Respect For Small States and Multilateralism  

China has advocated peace since the start of the conflict in Ukraine on February 24 and has called for a halt to any actions that fuel the fire. In this regard, the Chinese spokesperson said that “while the international community is calling for the end to hostilities, the U.S. keeps adding fuel to the fire and shows readiness to fight until the last Ukrainian.”

"Their real goal is not to achieve peace but to make sure that the conflict is prolonged. As the Americans say, they seek to weaken Russia", Zhao said, adding that "as for whether the U.S. brings peace or war, security or chaos, I guess we all know the answers to those questions."         

 The conflict has damaged relations between China and the U.S., which despite all its efforts, has failed to push the Asian country to condemn Russia; instead, China has remained on the sidelines of international sanctions against Moscow. 

U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin has said that Washington's aid to Ukraine aims to weaken Russia to the point where "it can't do the kinds of things it has done by invading Ukraine." 
President Joe Biden on Thursday asked Congress for another 33 billion dollars as part of its efforts to support Ukraine during the ongoing conflict with Russia. On the same day, American legislators voted on a Lend-Lease plan for Kiev that would facilitate Washington's delivery of arms to Ukraine if President Joe Biden approved it. 

Given that Ukraine would have to pay for those deliveries eventually, Russia has already issued warnings saying the move risks pushing Ukraine into a debt pit that would affect the country for generations. 

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