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Violence in Colombia Continues As Social Leader Assassinated

  • Lucy Villarreal

    Lucy Villarreal | Photo: Handover/Radio Contagio

Published 25 December 2019

About 160 activists have been murdered so far in 2019.

Social leader Lucy Villarreal was assassinated in the Llorente Commuity, Tumaco municipality (southwest), reported the Social Process of Warranties for the work of human rights on Tuesday.

 Colombia: Death of Student Remains in Impunity After One Month

Villarreal, a mother of two who worked for the promotion of culture in her territory and the defense of human rights, was assassinated after finishing a workshop with children, reported the local Contagio Radio.

She was part of the Colectivo Indoamericano in Pasto, and had just coordinated the exhibition «Mujeres sur y vida» about women activists in the region.

This assassination occured after over a month of anti-government protests, against violence and for peace in the country.

Since the peace agreements was signed between the guerrilla group FARC and the government in November 2016, threats, attacks, kidnappings, and murders have been continuous, targetting especially indigenous communities, social leaders, and former guerrilla fighters.

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