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Venezuelan Political Parties Take Part in Voting System Audit

  • People taking part in the audit process, Caracas, Venezuela, Sep. 2021.

    People taking part in the audit process, Caracas, Venezuela, Sep. 2021. | Photo: Twitter/ @cneesvzla

Published 2 September 2021

Over 30 representatives of political organizations, software specialists, and international observers have been taking part in this control process.

On Thursday, Venezuela’s National Electoral Council (CNE) continued with the audit of the software to be used in the November subnational elections.


Venezuelan Government and Opposition Resume Dialogue on Sep. 3

Held at the National Museum of Architecture in Caracas, this audit was attended by representatives of political organizations and specialists in electronic electoral processes. All of them have been analyzing the HASH alphanumeric code since the beginning of this week.

Because of the pandemic, 15 people take part in the audit in person and another 16 representatives do so virtually. Also, through Zoom, the audit includes specialists and representatives of electoral institutions from Latin America and other regions. They will be international observers in the upcoming elections.

Citizens can follow the voting machine audit process live through the CNE website. The Venezuelan opposition, which is in talks with the government of Nicolas Maduro, confirmed its participation in the upcoming elections.

To facilitate the participation of the most radical opposition sectors, among which is the group led by former legislator Juan Guaido, the CNE decided on Wednesday to grant a 24-hour extension to the deadline to register candidates.

“During the nomination process, political organizations register the names of their candidates for different posts, through the Automated System of Nominations enabled on the CNE website, and in parallel to this step runs the period of receiving challenges and cancelation of nominations,” the Orinoco Tribune explained.

Until before the extension of the deadline, 3,082 citizens had been nominated to take part in the competition for 23 governorships, 335 mayorships, 253 legislative seats, and 2,471 city councils.

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