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Venezuela Rejects Guyanese Oil Projects in Disputed Sea Area

  • Rally in support of the Esequibo referendum, Caracas, Venezuela, Nov. 10, 2023.

    Rally in support of the Esequibo referendum, Caracas, Venezuela, Nov. 10, 2023. | Photo: X/@venanalysis

Published 15 November 2023

The Venezuelan State does not recognize any right resulting from concessions that have been granted in maritime areas to be delimited.

On Wednesday, Venezuela rejected the announcement by the Guyanese government chaired by Irfaan Ali regarding the start of oil activities in a maritime area of Essequibo, a territory whose delimitation is still pending.


Venezuela Defends Referendum on Essequibo at ICJ Hearing

"Venezuela expresses its categorical rejection of the announcement by the Government of Guyana, regarding the start of oil production by the Floating Platform for Production, Storage and Offloading (FPSO Prosperity), in the Payara field, in the Stabroek block, located in a maritime area pending delimitation, which is contrary to Public International Law and constitutes a new provocation by a government at the service of Exxon Mobil," the Venezuelan Foreign Affairs Ministry stated.

"Venezuela has evidenced this illegality, in documentary form and repeatedly communicated to the Guyanese government and the Caribbean community, that such actions are becoming the greatest focus of regional destabilization, undermining the legitimate interests of the Venezuelan people," it added.

"Venezuela reiterates to the government of Guyana, as well as to transnational companies that operate or provide associated services in the area, that it does not recognize any effect or right resulting from concessions that are granted or have been granted in maritime areas to be delimited," the Bolivarian diplomacy stressed.

On Wednesday morning, during a hearing held at the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in The Hague, Venezuelan Vice President Delcy Rodriguez denounced that Guyana has always put its institutions and territory at the service of powers external to the region.

For this reason, the Guyanese goverment has delivered oil and gas concessions in a territory pending delimitation without caring if its actions are contrary to the international law.

Rodriguez then pointed out that Guyana "intends to transgress the international order and promote a change in the Venezuelan political system, with an interventionist and reckless action that seeks to exploit the Court."

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