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Venezuela Rejects Disrespectful Use of Its National Symbols

  • Venezuelan Foreign Affairs Minister Yvan Gil.

    Venezuelan Foreign Affairs Minister Yvan Gil. | Photo: X/ @ahora_dulcita

Published 1 May 2024

U.S. Ambassador Nichols and Venezuelans residing in Florida posed for a photo carrying an adulterated Venezuelan flag and shield.

On Tuesday, Venezuelan Foreign Affairs Minister Yvan Gil rejected a publication in which Brian Nichols, the U.S. Department of State's Assistant Secretary for Western Hemisphere, disrespects Venezuelan national symbols.


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Previously, this U.S. official published a photo with Venezuelans residing in Florida carrying a Venezuelan flag with seven stars and the horse facing backwards in the national shield.

Since these images do not correspond to the official Venezuelan patriotic symbols, Gil energetically rejected the political spectacle mounted from Washington.

"Definitely, Brian Nichols represents the most retrograde of the State Department. His anachronistic, slave-owning, and colonialist attitude is only surpassed by his despicable disrespect for Venezuelans, posing with stateless people and symbols that do not represent our country," the Venezuelan diplomat stated.

"Our flag has 8 stars, including Guayana Esequiba and the Bolivarian horse rides free like the wind to the left. We demand respect for our homeland! The past that you and your lackeys personify will not return!" Gil said, referring to the far-right Venezuelan politicians supported from Washington.

On previous occasions, opposition activists have also used the mockery of Venezuelan patriotic symbols as a way of ignoring the Bolivarian Revolution inaugurated by the late Commander Hugo Chavez.

On this occasion, the display of a seven-star flag aims to reject the Venezuelan nation's historical claim to Essequibo, a territory rich in natural resources that is represented by the eighth star in the official flag.

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