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Venezuela Denounces Plot by Guaido To Steal Its Foreign Assets

  • The president of the National Assembly Jorge Rodríguez denounced the theft of Venezuelan foreign assets in international banks by the opposition led by Juan Guaido.

    The president of the National Assembly Jorge Rodríguez denounced the theft of Venezuelan foreign assets in international banks by the opposition led by Juan Guaido. | Photo: Twitter @teleSURtv

Published 13 April 2021

Authorities denounced the plan to steal more than 53 million dollars from funds that the U.S. keeps frozen, which belong to Venezuela.

The president of the Venezuelan National Assembly (Parliament), Jorge Rodríguez, provided new elements this Tuesday at a press conference on Venezuela's foreign assets' theft by the most extremist sector of the Venezuelan opposition.


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"We are going to show a fact that occurred yesterday (this Monday), a double scam, a double theft, with a meeting that took place yesterday among some former deputies members of a terrorist group called Voluntad Popular," said Rodríguez.

The Legislative Branch head added that the meeting was attended by opposition members Marco Aurelio Quiñones, Sergio Vergara, Franco Casella, Winston Flores, Adriana Pichardo, and Freddy Superlano.

The purpose of the meeting was to agree on the conformation of a "budget" for the government's parallel structure, which they intend to establish. Said budget would be submitted to the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) of the United States to release funds which the U.S. keeps illegally frozen from Venezuela.

Rodriguez detailed that this "budget" amounted to the sum of 53.2 million dollars and denounced that the real purpose of obtaining this money is to distribute it among the leadership of this sector of the opposition.

"This amount surpassing 53 million dollars will be distributed among them. Because right now there is real vulture's feast between Juan Guaidó and Leopoldo López on the one hand, and on the other hand there is Julio Borges and Henry Ramos Allup", said the deputy.

According to Rodríguez, this budget would include more than seven million for the Parliament and almost two million for the office of the Presidency (both illegal structures), money that is delivered directly to Juan Guaidó for him to dispose of as he sees fit.

Meanwhile, the Chancellery would receive more than 5.5 million dollars, available to "minister" Julio Borges.

Other structures of the non-existent parallel Government would also receive sums that, in practice, swell the personal accounts of the persons holding the alleged "positions".

Jorge Rodriguez showed videos where witnesses directly participated in the agreements, explained how these resources are received, where they come from, how they are distributed, and their actual destination, evidencing the swindling of Venezuelan people's assets.

The President of the Venezuelan Parliament insisted that it is evident that the real intention is to defraud both OFAC and the Venezuelan people, with the only interest of stealing 53.2 million dollars. This amount could buy some seven million vaccine doses.

He added that it is false that what he called the "Government of Narnia" would use resources to buy vaccines through the Covax mechanism since the only means to make that possible is through the legitimate Government, which already has a vaccination plan in place.

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