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Venezuela Denounces New Attack on Its National Electric System

  • Woman uses a candle to light her residence.

    Woman uses a candle to light her residence. | Photo: Twitter/ @venezuelaaldia

Published 13 September 2021

The attack caused a fire that produced a series of fluctuations in the national interconnected system.

Venezuela's Public Works and Services Minister Nestor Reverol reported that his country's national electricity system suffered a new attack on Sunday night.


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"We want to report on a new terrorist attack on the national electrical system which is part of the permanent sabotage plan within a multiform war against us" Reverol said, stressing that "electric warfare is one of the important aspects of this multiform war" .

The national authorities and the president of the electric corporation (Corpoelec) Luis Betancourt are working to recover the power supply to the states of Zulia, Merida, Tachira, Nueva Esparta and Falcon.

The attack, which occurred in a substation located in the Lamas municipality in Aragua state, caused a fire that produced a series of fluctuations in the interconnected system. This generated the loss of service in several states of Venezuela.

"In March 2019, Venezuela also suffered two massive blackouts that affected its 23 states and impacted transportation services, drinking water supply, and telephone communications. Venezuelans were without electricity for 11 days," HispanTV recalled.

On that occasion, the Bolivarian government accused President Donald Trump's administration for sabotaging the electricity system in an attempt to help the opposition to overthrow Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro.

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