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Venezuela Consolidates Participatory Democracy in Its Territories

  • A woman cast her vote in the National Popular Consultation, April 21, 2024

    A woman cast her vote in the National Popular Consultation, April 21, 2024 | Photo: teleSUR

Published 22 April 2024

"Venezuela won in this electoral party," CNE spokesperson Arellano pointed out.

On Sunday the 2024 National Popular Consultation concluded with a massive participation of citizens throughout Venezuelan territory.


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Carried out through over 15,000 voting centers, this democratic process allowed residents to decide on 4,500 development projects that the Venezuelan government will finance and the communities will execute.

Carolina Arellano, the spokesperson for the National Electoral Commission (CNE), stated that the approved projects will begin to be implemented starting next week.

"Venezuela won in this electoral party," the Bolivarian official said, shortly before the end of election day.

The 2024 National Popular Consultation was preceded by a process of activation of grassroots organizations which allowed some 27,000 development projects to be discussed and proposed throughout the national territory.

During election day, over 49,000 communal councils and 1,300,000 popular spokespersons were active, participating in audits and collaborating in the scrutiny. Some 158 international observers also participated.

Arellano congratulated the communal councils for their organizational work and the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB) for the delivery of the electoral material.

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