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Venezuela Condemns Sabotage Against Medicine Warehouse

  • According to the Venezuelan Vice President, the explosion in the warehouse was planned. Aug. 18, 2022.

    According to the Venezuelan Vice President, the explosion in the warehouse was planned. Aug. 18, 2022. | Photo: Twitter/@nuevodiaenlinea

Published 18 August 2022

An investigation is underway to identify those responsible for arson and bring them to justice.

Venezuela's Vice President, Delcy Rodríguez, denounced Thursday that the fire which took place days ago in a medicine warehouse of the Social Security Institute in Antímano was arson and accused the extremist sector of the right-wing in the country of this event.

Investors Interested in Venezuela, Says President Maduro

She assured that several pieces of evidence confirmed that the incident was not accidental and an investigation is being carried out to identify those responsible and bring them to justice. Rodríguez specified that those who set fire to the facility wished to affect the health care of the population, particularly the treatment of dialysis patients, and to cause other damages.

She assured the 7 500 patients requiring dialysis nationwide that they will continue to receive their treatment without mishaps because the medicines are available thanks to the concern of the Government of President Nicolás Maduro for the health of the population, which is an inalienable right; she said.

Venezuelan Vice-President explained that the fire destroyed four months' stock of medicines for these patients, as well as 134 new machines for dialysis, which were expected to be placed in rooms for this treatment that are being built.

IVSS warehouse fire was caused

She said that the country has 78 intra-hospital and 50 extra-hospital stations, with dialysis reserves expected to last at least two weeks, in addition to Venezuela's reserves for several months.

She added that President Maduro instructed to quickly replace the destroyed machines, which is already underway.

She continued to say that the national government has worked in a planned manner to have reserves available. A few days ago, a plane with these supplies arrived in the country, and another flight was scheduled to arrive this Thursday.

Rodriguez said that this fire proves that the violent right-wing seeks by other means what they have not achieved with the unilateral restrictive measures applied against Venezuela.

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