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Varreux Fuel Terminal in Haiti Is Under Police Control

  • Fuel distribution will resume next Monday, according to the Haitian Government. Nov. 4, 2022.

    Fuel distribution will resume next Monday, according to the Haitian Government. Nov. 4, 2022. | Photo: Twitter/@BpostJ

Published 4 November 2022

In two days of operations, the Temporary Anti-Gang Unit took control of the country's main fuel terminal.

The authorities control over the terminal, which stores more than 70 percent of the country's fuel, comes after two months in the hands of the G-9 coalition of armed gangs, commanded by former policeman Jimmy Cherizier.  


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Access to the terminal was closed by gang members. The Temporary Anti-Gang Unit carried out an operation starting November 2 to clear the roads leading to the site, allowing the resumption of services. 

According to an official statement from the Haitian government, fuel distribution will resume the following Monday. The government congratulated the police for their efforts to regain terminal control.

Former police officer Jimmy Cherizier, leader of the G-9 coalition of gangs known as "Barbecue," seized control of the Varreux terminal in mid-September. As a result, the country has been severely hit, with institutions, businesses, and essential services barely functioning.

HAITI GOOD NEWS D 3 NOV 2022 The National Police of Haiti (PNH) took control of the Varreux oil terminal in Port-au-Prince. It represents 70% of the stock country's fuel Report of the operation has not yet been communicated by the institution.

The head of the G-9 coalition demanded to free the fuel terminal that the prime minister, Ariel Henry, resign, participate in the new government, and withdraw the arrest warrants against him. 

Haiti is stricken by a fuel shortage crisis, gang violence, and a new cholera outbreak from which 60 people have died so far. In this context, the country has seen water treatment plants and hospitals shut down, including a further postponement of the resumption of the academic year. 

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