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Uruguayan Human Rights Criminal Is Arrested in Spain

  • ex-Colonel Eduardo Ferro, Montevideo, Uruguay, 2007.

    ex-Colonel Eduardo Ferro, Montevideo, Uruguay, 2007. | Photo: Twitter/ @PeruNewsweek

Published 28 January 2021

Former Colonel Eduardo Ferro is accused of forced disappearance, homicide, genocide, torture, and other crimes committed during the dictatorship rule.

Spain's Police on Wednesday arrested ex-Colonel Eduardo Ferro who committed crimes against humanity during Uruguay's dictatorship (1973-1985).


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His detention responded to an international arrest warrant issued by criminal judge Dolores Sanchez in 2017. He is accused of being responsible for the kidnapping and disappearance of communist militant Oscar Tassino in 1977.

NGO "Missing People Project" reported that Ferro caused the death of the university professor Fernando Miranda and tortured Andres Bellizzi and Jorge Goncalves in Argentina.

He is also accused of the disappearance and murder of Maria Irureta-Goyena while she was pregnant. 

The meme reads, "This May 20th we will not be able to march. Let's make ourselves heard from home. Let's say together, let's shout out loud Present!, Never again! Neither forgotten nor forgiven!"

Besides being one of the main protagonists of the U.S.-backed "Operation Condor", Ferro was head of the Military Counterintelligence Battalion and member of the Body for Antisubversive Operations. 

Despite being arrested in Madrid in September 2017, Ferro violated a conditional release that allowed him to escape extradition in 2018.

The Tassino case lawyer Martin Fernandez noted that Uruguayan and Spanish courts must agree as Ferro could also face charges for his 2018 escape.

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