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UNESCO Awards Venezuelan Theoretical Physics AnamarIa Font

  • Venezuelan scientist Anamaria Font.

    Venezuelan scientist Anamaria Font. | Photo: Twitter/ @Mincyt_VE

Published 1 June 2023

Her investigations on the structure of matter helped to explain quantum gravity, the first moments after the Big Bang, and the relationship between space and time.

On Thursday, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) announced that Venezuelan scientist Anamaria Font will receive a distinction for her contributions to theoretical particle physics.


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Font is one of the five winners of the "L'Oreal-UNESCO International Awards for Women and Science", which honor the work of researchers around the world. They were chosen by an independent jury and each of them will receive about US$107,000.

"Each scientist has followed a unique path that combines exceptional talent, a deep commitment to their profession and remarkable courage in a field still largely dominated by men," the L'Oreal-UNESCO Foundation said.

In Venezuela, the news was celebrated with jubilation by government institutions, universities, scientific organizations, and feminist groups.

The tweet reads, "This banner at the Paris airport, which says the world needs science and science needs women, features prominent Venezuelan physicist Anamaria Font. Bravo for Venezuelan women and science!"

"We are filled with Venezuelan pride with this extraordinary news. Congratulations!" Foreign Affairs Minister Yvan Gil said.

Anamaria Font, who is a national and international reference in science, was an outstanding student of American professor Steven Weinberg, winner of the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1979.

Her investigations "have allowed us to better understand the structure of matter and have helped to explain quantum gravity, the first moments after the Big Bang and the relationship between space and time," the L'Oreal-UNESCO Foundation pointed out.


Anamaria Font
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