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UN Asks to Investigate Murder of Palestinian Teenager

  • Israeli ocuppation forces in Ramallah, Nov. 16, 2022.

    Israeli ocuppation forces in Ramallah, Nov. 16, 2022. | Photo: Twitter/ @RichardHardigan

Published 16 November 2022

Since January, 32 minors have been killed by Israeli occupation forces in the West Bank.

In the early hours of Monday, the Israeli occupation forces killed 15-year-old Fulla Ramzi Masalmeh with a shot to the head and wounded 19-year-old Anas Hassouneh. They were traveling in a car in the town of Beitunia.


At Least 6 000 Palestinians Detained by Israeli Forces in 2022

"A video circulating on social media shows the moment Israeli soldiers shot at a car," local outlet J24 reported, pointing out that the Israeli soldiers left their victim bleeding.

"The eyewitness recounts that the man was bleeding from his shoulder... Then the soldiers went to the other door, opened it, and moved a person out of the car to the ground, took all of its clothes off, and left the person bleeding.”

Upon knowing about the events, the United Nations Special Coordinator for the Peace Process Tor Wennesland requested that a "thorough and immediate investigation" be carried out to clarify the reasons why the Palestinian teenager was killed.

On Tuesday, the European Union Delegation to the Palestinians also demanded that this new case of violence be investigated.

"Deepest condolences to the family of Fula Masalmeh who was to celebrate her 15th birthday today, but was tragically killed by gunfire from Israeli soildiers near Ramallah yesterday," the Delegation said. 

"In 2022, so far 32 children have been killed by ISF in the West Bank, in many instances through what appears to be excessive use of lethal force."

The EU delegation also recalled that Israel is party of the Committee on the Rights of the Child and must ensure their protection, care, dignity, and right to life. "This incident should be swiftly investigated and accountability ensured," it added.

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