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UN: 676 People Killed in Sudan Clashes

  • Sudan in hostilities. May. 15, 2023.

    Sudan in hostilities. May. 15, 2023. | Photo: Twitter/@ikisahilnews

Published 15 May 2023

"Clashes between the Sudan Armed Forces and the Rapid Support Forces have continued for 30 consecutive days..."

The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) reported on Sunday that the Sudanese Army and the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) have caused the deaths of 676 individuals as a result of their clashes.


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"Clashes between the Sudan Armed Forces and the Rapid Support Forces have continued for 30 consecutive days, especially in and around Khartoum, killing at least 676 people and injuring 5,576," OCHA said.

As indicated by the report, a staggering number of 936,000 individuals have been displaced as of April 15th resulting from the ongoing conflict. Of these individuals, approximately 736,200 are internally displaced, while the remaining 200,000 have sought sanctuary in neighboring nations.

Since the confrontations started in mid-April, residents of Khartoum, the capital city of Sudan, have been facing food shortages, particularly after dozens of factories were burned and looted.

According to the United Nations report, around 15.8 million Sudanese, which constitutes roughly one-third of Sudan's population, will require humanitarian support in 2023. Furthermore, this figure is expected to escalate saliently due to the ongoing conflict.

On May 11th, the opposing factions involved in the conflict within Sudan formally agreed to the Declaration of Commitment to Protect the Civilians of Sudan in Jeddah, a port city in Saudi Arabia.

This agreement aimed to streamline the delivery of critical humanitarian aid and to ensure the safe evacuation of civilians.

Nonetheless, both parties leveled accusations of violating the agreement and perpetuating the armed hostilities.

On Sunday, the Sudanese Army made an allegation that the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) had engaged in an act of violence by shooting individuals who were participating in Christian worship sessions within a church located in the vicinity of Al-Masalma area in the city of Omdurman.

Notwithstanding, the RSF refuted accountability for the occurrence and imputed the army with culpability, advocating for an unaffiliated inquiry into the matter.

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