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Twitter Shuts Down Popular Live Streaming App Periscope

  • Last December Twitter announced that on March 31, 2021 the Periscope app would cease to exist.

    Last December Twitter announced that on March 31, 2021 the Periscope app would cease to exist. | Photo: @PeriscopeCo

Published 1 April 2021

The application that popularized live broadcasts from cell phones has ceased to exist, just six years after its purchase and launch by Twitter to overshadow Meerkat, the first app to explore this field and which ended up being eclipsed by Periscope to the point that it had to reorient its business and abandon live broadcasting.

Since then, much has changed in live streaming, with the launch of Facebook Live and later the arrival of live streaming on Instagram and even on other platforms such as LinkedIn and TikTok.


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Twitter integrated all its technology into the social network itself, and, little by little, Periscope ceased to be used as a standalone application. So much so that last December, Twitter announced that on March 31, 2021, the Periscope app would cease to exist.

And so it has been, the app has already been removed from the app stores, both Google Play Store and Apple Store, and as of today, it can no longer be downloaded and installed on new cell phones.

Also, those people who have it installed on their devices will see that, even if they could access the Periscope app, most of its functionalities are no longer available. However, most users already see a warning message like the one shown above, which indicates that the service is unavailable and asks them to log in to Twitter to continue broadcasting live.

Since the shutdown was announced three months ago, Periscope has been available for use, although the application has not been updated. Twitter prefers to develop the functionalities within the social network given the low usage of the application, so it announced the closure, which has now materialized. This was the farewell to the service on Twitter.

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