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Three Femicides Registered in Bolivia at Start of the Year

  • "'Not one less," can be read. Jan. 3, 2023. | Photo: Twitter/@enteratee24

Published 3 January 2023

In the first days of 2023, Bolivia reported three femicides, two of which occurred in the Santa Cruz department and one in Tarija city.

The three murdered women victims of male violence are Sofía Mamani Cruz, 49 years old (Tarija), Marioly Pillco, 35 years old (Camiri, Santa Cruz) and Damary D.L., 19 years old (La Guardia, Santa Cruz).

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The prosecutor Roger Mariaca said that Damary D.L., 19 years old, was stabbed and found dead on Tuesday in her home in a neighborhood of the Santa Cruz municipality of La Guardia. Ronaldo A.Z., the young woman's ex-partner, is the main suspect in the crime and is wanted by the police.

The other two cases occurred on January 1 in the southern region of Tarija and the department of Santa Cruz, respectively. Sofía Mamani Cruz, 49, died on the spot after being bitten by her partner, Wilbert O.H.V., according to the Attorney General's Office. 

Sofia, who had given birth three months ago and was in recovery, died of "closed abdominal, thoracic trauma with hemorrhage, stroke and others," as determined by the autopsy. 

Violence marks 2022 with 38 infanticides and 94 femicides. La Paz is the department with the highest number of both cases.

The other victim was Marioly Pillco, 35, who was stabbed by her partner Roberto C.C. in Santa Cruz, in the municipality of Camiri. Roberto attacked the woman with a knife while the couple was having a dispute. 

Sergio Fajardo said that Sofia and Marioly's partners had been arrested, by the director of the Specialized Prosecutor's Office for Crimes against Life.

The Attorney General's Office reported that the South American country registered 94 femicides and 38 infanticides in 2022. 

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