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The World Rejoices Over Lula Da Silva's Victory in Brazil

  • Lula da Silva, Brazil, Oct. 2022.

    Lula da Silva, Brazil, Oct. 2022. | Photo: Twitter/ @LuchoXBolivia

Published 31 October 2022

His presidency will mark Brazil's return to international collaboration for the resolution of common problems such as the struggle against climate change.

On Sunday, governments and citizens of Europe, Africa, Asia and America enthusiastically experienced Lula da Silva's victory in the presidential elections.


Brazil “Is Back,” Says Lula After Election Victory

His presidency will mark Brazil's return to international collaboration for the resolution of common problems such as the struggle against climate change.

UNITED STATES: President Joe Biden greeted the Brazilian democratic process just 40 minutes after Lula's victory in elections that he described as "free, fair and reliable."

SPAIN: President Pedro Sanchez said that Brazilians have decided to "bet on progress and hope" and that he will work with Lula "for social justice, equality and against climate change."

GERMANY: Foreign Affairs Minister Annalena Baerbock stated that "although one person won, in reality many won. It is a triumph of Brazilian democracy", and that there was a second winner: the climate.

"Our children must live in security and we need to preserve the forest. The decision of the Brazilian voters offers hope that Brazil will stop cutting down the forests and that Brazil will join us in the fight against the ecological crisis. It is a great victory," he said.

UNITED KINGDOM: Prime Minister Rishi Sunak assured that he hoped to collaborate with Lula in areas ranging from "the growth of the world economy to the protection of the planet's natural resources and the promotion of democratic values."

EUROPEAN UNION: The European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen highlighted the need to "address pressing global challenges, from food security to trade and climate change", while the President of the European Council referred to "global challenges: peace and stability, prosperity and climate change. And we will work with the entire region."

ITALY: Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni also wants to face "common challenges" with Lula: "Italy and Brazil will continue to work together in the name of the historic friendship between our peoples and to further develop "the traditional and good bilateral relationship."

CHINA: On Monday, China today congratulated Lula da Silva for his victory in the elections and added that he is willing to work with that country to take bilateral relations to "a new level."

President Xi Jinping assured "attaching great importance to relations with Brazil." Foreign spokesman Zhao Lijian said that China was willing "to work with the new Brazilian government led by Lula da Silva to take relations to a new level for the greater benefit of the two countries and the two peoples."

The ties between the two countries cooled down during the presidency of Bolsonaro, who during the previous Brazilian presidential campaign launched harsh criticism against the Asian giant, of which he went so far as to say that he "was buying Brazil."

RUSSIA: President Vladimir Putin congratulated Lula da Silva on his victory in the elections, "which confirm his high political prestige", expressed his confidence in guaranteeing the "further development of Russian-Brazilian constructive cooperation in all fields" and he wished "success, health and well-being".

INDIA: Prime Minister Narendra Modi urged Lula da Silva to strengthen bilateral ties and collaboration in "global affairs."

JAPAN: Prime Minister Fumio Kishida, advocated "further developing the traditional and good two-way relationship".

NEW ZEALAND: Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern highlighted Lula da Silva's "clear position" on the climate crisis, "undoubtedly" one of the international issues New Zealand is most concerned about.

"It is clear that President Lula has a very different position on this problem" compared to his predecessor Jair Bolsonaro.


Lula da Silva
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