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LatAm Leaders Praise Lula for His Victory in Brazil’s Runoff

  • With 99.97 percent of the votes counted, leftist candidate Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva obtained 50.90 percent against 49.1 percent for incumbent Jair Bolsonaro. Oct. 30, 2022.

    With 99.97 percent of the votes counted, leftist candidate Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva obtained 50.90 percent against 49.1 percent for incumbent Jair Bolsonaro. Oct. 30, 2022. | Photo: Twitter/@LulaOficial

Published 30 October 2022

Several Latin American presidents and vice presidents greeted former Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula Da Silva (2003-2011) on his victory in Sunday's presidential elections.

Congratulations have been extended by the Presidents of Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Cuba, Venezuela, Argentina and Uruguay.

Lula Is the New President of Brazil

"Congratulations brother Lula, president-elect of Brazil! Your victory strengthens democracy and Latin American integration. We are sure that you will lead the Brazilian people on the path of peace, progress and social justice, Jallalla Brasil!", said the President of Bolivia, Luis Arce, through the social network Twitter.

For his part, the President of Chile, Gabriel Boric, wrote on that social network: "Lula. Joy!

While the President of Colombia, Gustavo Petro, posted on Twitter: "Long live Lula."

In turn, the President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, affirmed: "Lula won, blessed people of Brazil. There will be equality and humanism."

Meanwhile, the Cuban head of state, Miguel Díaz Canel, also via Twitter congratulated the leader of the Workers' Party (PT): "Dear brother Lula, I congratulate you on behalf of the Cuban government and people, who celebrate your great victory in favor of unity, peace and Latin American and Caribbean integration. You can always count on Cuba."

The Cuban President added: "Cuba congratulates you, dear comrade. They delayed your victory with atrocious methods but could not prevent you from winning with the people's vote. Lula returns, the PT returns, social justice will return. We embrace you brother President Lula."

Venezuelan President  Nicolás Maduro said on Twitter: "We celebrate the victory of the Brazilian people, who this October 30 elected Lula as their new President. Long live the people determined to be free, sovereign and independent! Today in Brazil, democracy triumphed; congratulations Lula, a big hug." 

Meanwhile, his counterpart in Argentina, Alberto Fernández, also greeted Lula on the social network: "Congratulations Lula! Your victory opens a new time in the history of Latin America. A time of hope and future that begins today. Here you have a partner to work with and dream big for the good life of our peoples."

"Today more than ever, love and happiness. Thank you people of Brazil. Thank you comrade Lula for bringing joy and hope back to our South America," posted the Vice President and former President of Argentina, Cristina Fernández. 

For his part, Uruguay's President Luis Lacalle Pou posted on the social network: "We greet Brazil's President-elect, Lula. We trust in working for a modern Mercosur open to the world. We also hope to continue and improve the excellent bilateral relations."

Mercosur (Southern Common Market) comprises Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay and Venezuela (currently suspended).

Lula narrowly defeated incumbent Jair Bolsonaro in Sunday's runoff. With 99.97 percent of the votes counted, the leader of the Workers' Party obtained 50.90 percent against Bolsonaro's 49.1 percent. Thus, the leftist candidate was elected President of Brazil for the third time, as confirmed by the Superior Electoral Court (TSE).

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