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The Ukrainian War Benefits the French Arms Industry: Lecornu

  • French-made AASM bombs.

    French-made AASM bombs. | Photo: X/ @EnjoyJourney22

Published 18 January 2024

The wartime economy is an opportunity for "job creation," the Defense Minister acknowledged.

In an interview with Le Parisien published on Thursday, French Defense Minister Sebastian Lecornu acknowledged that the Ukrainian conflict has benefited France's arms industry.


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"The wartime economy is an opportunity for our Armed Forces but also for our manufacturers," he said, indicating that the defense industry is creating new jobs in France.

When asked about the Ukrainian counteroffensive launched in June 2023, Lecornu acknowledged that it did not have the "expected effect" and warned that the conflict is "freezing."

Neverthless, the French politician pointed out that the Ukrainian political and moral system remains intact, along with the "determination" of Kiev's allies.

"We are taking joint initiatives to project ourselves into long-term, more homogeneous support, with equipment that will change the situation on the front," Lecornu said.

In describing his country's strategy to support Kiev, he mentioned that French defense companies are expected to produce 78 Caesar howitzers for Ukraine this year.

"Europeans and our allies will be encouraged to share the bill," he said, adding that Kiev has already purchased 6 Caesars "to kickstart the initiative." Starting from the end of January, the number of 155-millimeter caliber projectiles will also increase from 2,000 to 3,000 per month.

Regarding the delivery of 40 Scalp missiles, which was announced by President Emmanuel Macron, Lecornu specified that they will be sent "in the first half of 2024."  Changes have been made to make the missiles compatible with Ukrainian Sukhoi and Mig aircraft.

Regarding the prospects of the Ukrainian conflict, the Venezuelan Foreign Affairs Minister Yval Gil issued a critical comment on the statements of the French defense minister.

"It is infamous that the motivation to maintain an armed conflict, rejecting all negotiation options, is the pure mercantilist interest of an elite from NATO countries," the Bolivarian diplomat said.

"Peace and global stability are at risk due to irresponsible attitudes of the Military-Industrial Complex, for which money is more important than life itself," he added.

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