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The US Does Not Care About Ukraine, Antiwar Director Says

  • German-made Leopard tank shipped to Ukraine.

    German-made Leopard tank shipped to Ukraine. | Photo: Twitter/ @GermanyinUSA

Published 24 February 2023

"The U.S. has succeeded in killing peace talks on multiple occasions," Eric Garris pointed out.

In a recent interview, Eric Garris, the director of the Antiwar web page, emphasized that the United States and its allies "don't care about Ukraine. They care about world hegemony and defeating Russia."


One Year on, Ukraine Crisis Accentuates Calls for Peace

"If we keep going in the direction we're going, not only will we bankrupt ourselves, but we could destroy the world," he added, explaining that the U.S. involvement in the Ukrainian conflict is hurting Americans by taking so much money away from them.

"But the other problem is that the U.S. has succeeded in killing peace talks on multiple occasions," Garris said, noting that in the early part of the conflict, there was a peace deal that "could have been agreed to," but the U.S. tried hard to keep the crisis going.

"It makes no sense. It's like a big bully who goes around the world and tries to tell every other country what to do, what the outcome of things should be," he said, adding that it seems like the U.S. administration's only solution "is not to promote diplomacy, is not to promote ways to resolve differences, but rather to stoke them."

"And it's really not our business. We need to get out of the foreign affairs of other countries... the only thing we should do is to help them make peace, not make war. We need to stop arming all of this belligerence," Garris said.

"Unfortunately, a lot of the politicians here are heavily influenced by and contributed to by the defense industry," which is really pushing this crisis and "bought the politicians," he lamented and recalled that the U.S. has spent over US$100 billion on the Ukrainian conflict.

"I hope the American people can tell their politicians that this is too much. Enough is enough. We need to stop this. We need to focus on trying to make peace and nothing else abroad," he pointed out.

"That's why we have to build a movement in this country that relies on talking to people and getting out this information. That's why we have Antiwar.com, we publish every day the news of what's happening," Garris said and recalled that he founded Antiwar.com in 1995.

"Unlike a lot of anti-war organizations, we are very broad-based and ecumenical. We have people from across the political spectrum who support peace... We have tried to be non-sectarian... and it's completely reader supported," he said.

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