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Since Octuber 7: At Least 15 500 Killed in Palestine

  • Destruction caused by the most recent Israeli attacks in Gaza. Dec 3. 2023

    Destruction caused by the most recent Israeli attacks in Gaza. Dec 3. 2023 | Photo: @PalestineChron

Published 3 December 2023

The Israeli attacks continue, meanwhile the death Palestinian figures increase.

The Palestinian health ministry said this Sunday, that at least the killed by Israeli atttacks figures in Gaza since Octuber 7 tolls to 15 500.


Israel Renews Attacks Against the Palestinian People

Only in the last 24 hours, Palestinian authorities also confirmed the death of more than 700 Palestinian people, at just 2 days since the truce pact between Israel and Hamas ended.

Of those figures of killed people in the Gaza Strip and Occupied West Bank, news media, UN, and some ONG's have reported that more than 6000 are children.

Ashraf al-Qudra, a Palestinian resistance spokeperson added that the wounder figures increase to more than 41,316.

Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics says that more than two-thirds of Gaza population suffer from depression, and according to Al-Jazeera are expected to rise exponentially because of the October 7 war, the statistics bureau said.

Last week, the World Health Organization (WHO) informed that more people nay die in Gaza due disease than by the Israeli bombardment if the sanitary conditions are not repaired.

Hospitals, United Nations facilities, are a constant target in the Zionist attacks to the besieged enclave, as well, Israel hasn't allowed the entrance of fuel, food, and medical supplies.


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