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Russian FM Lavrov Arrives in Venezuela to Meet President Maduro

  • Russian Foreign Affairs Minister Sergei Lavrov, Caracas, Venezuela, April 18, 2023

    Russian Foreign Affairs Minister Sergei Lavrov, Caracas, Venezuela, April 18, 2023 | Photo: Cancilleria de Venezuela

Published 18 April 2023

He will also hold meetings with Foreign Affairs Minister Yvan Gil and Vice President Delcy Rodriguez.

On Tuesday morning, Russian Foreign Affairs Minister Sergei Lavrov arrived in Caracas for a dialogue with Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro and for high-level meetings with officials from the Bolivarian Government.


Russia Wants to Know Details of the Brazilian Peace Initiative

This visit is part of a Latin American tour in which the Russian diplomat visited Brazil in the previous days and will travel to Nicaragua and Cuba after staying in Venezuelan territory.

Previously, during the launch of a new television program on Monday night, President Maduro announced that Lavrov will visit his country to hold meetings with Foreign Affairs Minister Yvan Gil and Vice President Delcy Rodriguez.

"I am going to receive him at the Miraflores Palace to review issues related to Russia-Venezuela cooperation, Russia's presence in Latin America and the Caribbean for the good of our region, and world geopolitics. It will be quite an interesting conversation," the Bolivarian leader pointed out.

President Maduro also mentioned that he was lucky to have "a good, beautiful, and deep friendship" with Lavrov, whom he considered "an experienced man" since he has been Russian Foreign Minister for over a decade. "Lavrov is one of the most influential men in international politics,” the Bolivarian leader commented.

On Monday, while on an official visit to Brazil, the Russian diplomat strongly criticized the sanctions that the U.S. and its allies impose on those sovereign countries that do not agree with Washington's geopolitical designs.

"The West wants to maintain its financial and political positions," Lavrov said, recalling that Russia supports Brazil's desire to become a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC).

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