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Russia Rejects Report On Alleged Interference In UK Politics

  • The Kremlin Palace

    The Kremlin Palace | Photo: XINHUA

Published 21 July 2020

Russian officials have angrily rejected the conclusions of the so-called Russia report, accusing the UK of taking a leading role in Russophobia.

Russia today rejected a report published on Tuesday by the British parliament on alleged Russian interference in UK domestic policy, calling it Russophobic and untrue, and seeking to distract from a loss of status due to the Brexit crisis.


Russia Denies British Allegations Of COVID-19 Vaccine Hacking

The document of the parliamentary committee on intelligence and security of the House of Commons accuses Moscow of cyber attacks and disseminating disinformation, allegedly through the channel Russia Today, influencing the vote to define Britain's withdrawal from the European Union, known as Brexit.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitri Peskov said that Russia never interfered in any other country's electoral processes.

The document of the referred legislative committee was prepared last October. Still, it had to wait until now, after the new composition of the committee of intelligence and security had been defined the previous week.

The Russian government denounced that London is now changing the terms for presenting its accusations, moving from the "very probable" involvement of this country to that of "almost certainly," by explaining the nonexistence of real evidence against Moscow.

In the recent past, London also has used the term of Russia's "very probable responsibility" in the case of the alleged poisoning of the Russian ex-military intelligence agent, Sergei Skripal, in March 2018, together with his daughter Julia, in the English village of Salisbury.

Based on this accusation, the United Kingdom organized a diplomatic boycott against Russia and applied unilateral sanctions, without showing any concrete evidence.


Dmitri Peskov
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