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'Russia Doesn't Advance Faster to Save Civilians': Nebenzya

  • Russian ambassador Vassily Nebenzya.

    Russian ambassador Vassily Nebenzya. | Photo: Twitter/ @DailyWorld24

Published 5 April 2022

The Russian ambassador emphasized that his country will present "empirical evidence" showing that Russian troops were not involved in the so-called Bucha massacre.

During the meeting of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) carried out on Tuesday, Russian Ambassador Vassily Nebenzya pointed out that his country's forces are not advancing faster in Ukraine because they are trying to save as many civilians as possible.


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"They did not come to conquer, but to bring the peace that Donbas so desperately needs. For this we have to remove the Nazi tumor that is consuming Ukraine and will try to consume Russia. And we will achieve that sooner or later," he said.

Nebenzia also compared the attitude of the Russian soldiers with that of the U.S. troops who crushed "cities without mercy" in Iraq and Syria.

The ambassador sent a message to the Ukrainians warning them that "Western countries do not care about Ukraine, it is just a pawn in the political game against Russia. They will sacrifice your country, while trying to prolong the conflict by handing over weapons."

Nebenzya emphasized that his country will present "empirical evidence" showing that Russian troops have not killed Ukrainian civilians nor were they involved in the Bucha events.

The ambassador noted that the Russian troops left this Ukrainian city four days before Western media began broadcasting images of corpses. During that time, "there was not a single sign of atrocities, not a single mention of them," he stressed.

He stated that the Bucha images do not prove the murders were committed by Russian soldiers, since it is impossible that those corpses have been abandoned in the streets for so long without major signs of decomposition.

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