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Russia Destroys Drones in Kaluga and Moscow Regions

  • A soldier doing maneuvers with a drone.

    A soldier doing maneuvers with a drone. | Photo: X/ @jatirado_oc

Published 5 September 2023

Previously, Russian diplomat Zakharova warned that Ukraine's actions will not be left unpunished.

On Tuesday, the Russian Defense Ministry said that its air defense forces have destroyed Ukrainian drones in the Kaluga and Moscow regions.


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"Today at night, air defense forces destroyed drones in the Kaluga Region and in the Istra district that were trying to commit an attack on Moscow," Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin said, adding that there was no damage or casualties on the crash site.

Russia has reported a series of drone attacks across the country recently and has repeatedly accused Ukraine of being behind the drone strikes.

On Monday, the Russian Defense Ministry said that its air defenses have destroyed two Ukrainian drones overnight, one shot down over the Black Sea near the Crimean Peninsula and the other intercepted over the Kursk region.

In addition, Russian air defense destroyed a Ukrainian drone over the Belgorod region, preventing it from carrying out a terrorist attack on Russian facilities.

On Aug. 30, four Il-76 transport aircraft were destroyed during an overnight drone attack at Pskov airport in western Russia, according to Ukrainian authorities.

According to the airport's website, Russia's 334th Military Transport Aviation Regiment, armed with II-76 aircraft, was stationed at the airport at the time of the drone attack.

On Aug. 31, Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky said that a new Ukrainian-made long-range weapon had successfully reached a target 700 km away.

Russian Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Maria Zakharova said last Wednesday that Ukraine would not have been able to hit targets deep inside Russian territory without satellite data obtained from the West. She warned that Ukraine's actions will not be left unpunished.

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