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Rioja Governor Requests Unconstitutionality of Milei's Decree

  •  La Rioja Province governor Ricardo Quintela (C), 2023.

    La Rioja Province governor Ricardo Quintela (C), 2023. | Photo: X/ @lobopincha

Published 29 December 2023

The Argentine Supreme Court accepted to study Ricardo Quintela's request in January.

On Friday, La Rioja Province governor Ricardo Quintela requested the Argentine Supreme Court to declare unconstitutional the decree signed by President Javier Milei on Dec. 20.


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Quintela instructed Eugenio Zaffaroni, who is a former judge of the Supreme Court and a former judge of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights, to formalize a "declaratory action of certainty claiming the declaration of unconstitutionality" of Milei's decree.

Ten days after assuming the Argentine presidency, Milei signed a "decree of necessity and urgency" to deregulate the economy. This decree came into effect de facto from today.

According to Quintela, his decree causes "irreparable harm to the citizenry" by being contrary to various articles of the Argetine Constitution and article 26 of the American Convention on Human Rights (ACHR), which commits States to the progressive and effective development of the rights derived from the laws.

The text reads, "The far-right Milei administration has formalized its resignation from entering the counter-hegemonic BRICS bloc. One more step towards being a lackey of the United States, the dollar, and the IMF. Argentina missed the boat of going down in history alongside Brazil as a Latin American promoter of a multipolar world."

In addition, La Rioja governor asked the Supreme Court to issue a precautionary measure ordering the total suspension of the effects of the decree and instructing the Executive Branch "not to apply any of its provisions until the definitive resolution of the case."

"With the validity of the decree, federalism is seriously harmed, the unconstitutionality of the republic is violated, and the entire Argentine society is placed in a state of vulnerability in its labor, social, economic, and cultural rights," Quintela pointed out.

"Therefore, the claim, which I make on behalf of my province, seeks the Judicial Power to pronounce, guaranteeing the validity of the Rule of Law and consolidating our democratic values," he added.

On Friday, the Argentine Supreme Court accepted to study La Rioja governor's request but after the judicial vacation concludes in January.

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