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Progressive Candidate Wins First Place in Martinique Elections

  • Polling station in Martinique, France, June 20, 2021.

    Polling station in Martinique, France, June 20, 2021. | Photo: Twitter/ @RCI_MQ

Published 21 June 2021

Letchimy (32 percent), Marie-Jeanne (26 percent), Nilor (12 percent), and Conconne (11 percent) will face each other in the second round to be held on June 27.

On June 20, Martinique held the first round of elections to define who will be at the Territorial Community of Martinique (CTM), the highest level of government created from the merger of the regional council and the general council in 2015.


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In this electoral process, 306,530 citizens were expected to elect their authorities from among 14 lists of political parties and coalitions.

In this Caribbean island, which is an overseas department of France, the electoral turnout reached 32 percent of what was expected. This favored the Martinique Progressive Party (PPM) and the Martinique Independence Movement (MIM), the two main parties that have dominated local politics for more than 20 years.

PPM legislator Serge Letchimy won 32 percent of the vote, while outgoing CTM President and MIM leader Alfred Marie-Jeanne got only 26 percent.

After them, the Peyi-A-RDM-LFI coalition candidate Jean-Philippe Nilor obtained 12 percent of the vote, and the Divers Center (DVC) candidate Catherine Conconne got 11 percent of the vote.

As none of the candidates achieved a majority, the four political organizations will face each other in a second-round on June 27. On this day, the citizens will define who will be the councilors of the Assembly of Martinique.

Martinique is a French territory that exercises both departmental and regional competencies. Serge Letchimy is a historic leader of the PPM, an organization that defines itself as nationalist, democratic, anti-colonialist, and socialist.

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