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Pro-Palestinian Activists Graffiti Portuguese Foreign Ministry

  • The graffiti reads,

    The graffiti reads, "Israel kills, Portugal supports." | Photo: X/ @santacruzpt

Published 19 February 2024

So far, the Israeli occupation army has killed over 29,000 Palestinians and injured 69,028 people.

On Sunday night, pro-Palestinian and climate activists vandalized and broke some windows at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs headquarters in Lisbon to denounce Portugal's complicity with Israel and demand sanctions.


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In a post on Instagram on Monday, the activists explained that these actions were carried out by a group in solidarity with Palestinians and with the environmentalist platforms Climaximo and Student Climate Strike.

The message was accompanied by a photograph showing one of the entrance doors to the building with the phrase "Israel kills, Portugal supports" written on it, a window stained with red paint, and another with broken glass.

"Today we make it impossible to ignore the role of the government and the Foreign Affairs Ministry in legitimizing apartheid and ethnic cleansing of an entire people," the activists said.

They emphasized that Israel is a genocidal state carrying out "a colonial project that, for more than 75 years, has aimed at the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people."

On Monday, the foreign ministers of the European Union countries will meet in Brussels. In connection with this event, Portuguese activists are calling for sanctions against Israel and for European governments to stop investing in "all companies complicit in the occupation."

Since Oct. 7, 2023, the Israeli occupation army has killed over 29,000 Palestinians and injured 69,028 people. The massacre figures could be much higher as there are still people and corpses under the rubble caused by Israeli bombings.

Besides continuing its offensive in Gaza on Monday, Israel resumed and intensified its actions against alleged military targets in Dhayra and Al Adisa in southern Lebanon.

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