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Peruvian TV Reports Possible Audio Leaks Against Pedro Castillo

  • Since Castilo's inauguration, Peru's extreme-right has tried through any means possible to pressure and destitute the leftist leader.

    Since Castilo's inauguration, Peru's extreme-right has tried through any means possible to pressure and destitute the leftist leader. | Photo: Twitter/@AndyVermaut

Published 3 December 2021

America TV announced for this Sunday a new report on Castillo, which shows images of the exterior of the president's house, taken at night with an infrared camera, and a voice asking for support for Castillo's presidency.

"But support us this time. We are just, look, coming out of a big crisis and again we are going to start with that...", says the unknown voice, which might be that of a close collaborator of the President.

The announcement gave rise to reactions on social networks predicting the political liquidation and the imminent vacancy (impeachment) of the head of state.


The Peruvian Far-Right Insists on Removal of President Castillo

Analyst Luis Davelouis contrasted the aggressiveness of the media and politicians against Castillo with their passivity before the contacts between the big companies that did business with the State and the administrations of the former presidents Alan García, Pedro Pablo Kuczynski and Martín Vizcarra, for whom no party requested the vacancy.

In political circles, speculations are circulating about a left and center-right block supposedly preparing a ministerial cabinet of that very composition for an eventual new government led by current vice-president Dina Boluarte.

Legislator Lady Camones, inclined to approve the dismissal, declared that if Castillo is removed, "what happens with Baluarte will be seen in due time."

According to the images, this is a sequel to the report of the previous Sunday, coinciding with similar ones broadcasted by other channels critical of the Government, which showed visits of officials and businessmen to his house at night.

The revelation unleashed a political and, above all, media offensive with accusations against the President of violating the legal norms that oblige presidents to deal with official matters in his office and divulge the names of his visitors, and of allegedly being in corrupt dealings with businessmen.

Last Sunday's report served as an input for the three extreme right-wing benches and related media to give a new impulse to Castillo's vacancy motion, filed earlier.

In the previous days, opposition politicians and analysts recognized that it was almost impossible to reach the necessary majority (two-thirds) for the Congress of the Republic to remove Castillo from office, unless a new journalistic revelation appeared that would end up sinking the president.

In view of the crisis, Castillo yesterday proposed to meet with the leaders of the parties present in the Parliament, to discuss national problems as well as governability and stability in the country.

In addition, he called on the social bases to unite to defend democracy alongside him.

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