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Peruvian Congress Removes Immunity From Pedro Castillo

  • Citizens clash with Peruvian riot police, Dec. 2022.

    Citizens clash with Peruvian riot police, Dec. 2022. | Photo: Twitter/ @elespectador

Published 12 December 2022

In this way, right-wing lawmakers ensured that former President Castillo remain in jail since his seven-day detention will expire on Dec. 14.

In an unusual plenary meeting held early Monday morning, the Peruvian Congress removed the "special immunity" from former President Pedro Castillo, who has remained under arrest since he was ousted on Dec. 7.


Massive Protests in Peru Force Boluarte to Advance the Elections

Approved with 67 votes in favor and 45 votes against, the parliamentary resolution prevents Castillo from being subjected to a political trial and directly opens the way for the Prosecutor's Office to extend his detention on charges of rebellion.

In this way, the lawmakers ensured that former Peruvian president remain in jail since his seven-day preventive detention will expire on Wednesday, Dec. 14.

During a bumpy meeting, lawmakers discussed a document from the Prosecutor's Office that summarized the preliminary proceedings against former President Castillo, former president of the Council of Ministers Betssy Chavez, and former Interior Minister Willy Huerta.

The tweet reads, "Now Peru! Peruvian television says everything is calm in Lima. Meanwhile, there is a revolution in the streets!!"

Right-wing lawmaker Adriana Tudela asked the Plenary to remove Castillo's immunity, arguing that he "threatened with the destruction of the rule of law" when he carried out a self-coup.

The decision of the Peruvian lawmakers occurred at a time when former president's defense attorneys had filed several protection appeals against his detention. It is also known that he requested political asylum from the Mexican government.

Meanwhile, grassroots social and political organizations continue to protest in the streets, demanding Castillo's release and demanding the resignation of President Dina Boluarte.

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