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Peru's Congress Postpones Session on the 'Vaccinegate'

  • Doctors on strike. The sign reads,

    Doctors on strike. The sign reads, "Corruption", Lima, Peru, 2020. | Photo: EFE

Published 31 March 2021

Lawmakers are expected to analyze the influence-peddling accusation against former President Martin Vizcarra. 

On Tuesday, Peru's Congress suspended a session aimed at analyzing the final reports on the 'Vaccinegate ' and 'Richard Swing' case in which former President Martin Vizcarra (2018-2020) is involved.


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The decision was taken because the Vacunagate report is not ready and the Oversight Commission congresswoman in charge of presenting the Richard Swing case took a medical leave.

Vacunagate report states that Vizcarra incurred six Constitutional violations after being vaccinated with the Sinopharm vaccine without being a volunteer in the clinical trials last year.  Furthermore, he is accused of having made arrangements for his wife and older brother to receive the vaccine as well.

Lawmaker Jim Mamani proposed the disqualification of ex-Health Minister Pilar Mazzetti and ex-Foreign Affairs Minister Elizabeth Astete for undertaking and covering their illegal inoculations.

In Dec. 2020, the Oversight Commission approved the final report on the Culture Ministry's irregular hirings linked to the Richard Swing Case. According to the text, officials favored the Peruvian singer through nine service orders at inflated prices and without observing selection processes.

Vizcarra is charged with the alleged crime of actual concealment in this case and other offenses related to the hiring of close associates in other sectors. 

The former President denounced political persecution targeting his candidacy to Congress in the April 11 elections. He also warned of an appeal before the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR).

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