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Peru: National Strike Becomes Stronger With Over 200 Unions

  • Brave Indigenous woman confronts the Police, Lima, Peru, 2023.

    Brave Indigenous woman confronts the Police, Lima, Peru, 2023. | Photo: Twitter/ @AlertaNews24

Published 9 February 2023

The construction workers union harshly criticized those who served the interests of the Boluarte regime and businessmen.

On Thursday, the Unitary Union of Education Workers of Peru (SUTEP), the Federation of Civil Construction Workers of Peru (FTCCP) and 200 subnational unions ratified their participation in the strike called by the General Central of Workers of Peru (CGTP) this week.


Boluarte Says She Will Continue To Govern Pending Elections

Workers, farmers, and students continue to demand the resignation of President Dina Boluarte, the dissolution of Congress, the call for early elections in 2023, and the holding of a referendum "so that the people decide if they want a new Constitution."

In response to the call for a national strike, the Labor Ministry threatened the workers, arguing that their mobilization was not adjusted to the regulations for this type of collective action.

On Wednesday, Boluarte also tried to disqualify the CGTP-called national strike, arguing that she "talked" with union representatives and invited them to a permanent dialogue process.

The tweet reads, "Today marks one month since the massacre in Juliaca in Peru. 17 people died during protests against Dina Boluarte's administration and Congress."

“Boluarte is lying to the country. That is absolutely false. There has not been any dialogue,” CGTP Secretary Gustavo Minaya said, thus denying that his union has maintained dialogues with the U.S.-backed regime.

The smear campaign against the workers has inflamed the spirits even more. In El Callao city, the social organizations called for a rally at the Dos de Mayo Square in the afternoon, when the Peruvians will also protest by banging pots. In Arequipa and Huancayo, people will march towards the main squares to reject the political class.

On Thursday morning, the access roads to the Cusco region were blocked in Canchis and Anta. Meanwhile, hundreds of police and soldiers guarded the Alejandro Velasco airport.

"The construction workers ask Peruvian society not to be confused by alleged trade unionists who reject the mobilizations. These criminals serve the interests of the dictatorship and businessmen," the FTCCP said, asking that people unite against the Boluarte regime.

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