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Peru: Media Bias Against Castillo's Candidacy Intensified

  • Progressive Peruvian presidential candidate Pedro Castillo riding a horse during a political rally.

    Progressive Peruvian presidential candidate Pedro Castillo riding a horse during a political rally. | Photo: Twitter @OrinocoTribune

Published 1 June 2021

With less than a week until Peru's second round of the presidential elections, the corporate media bias against the leftist candidate is increasingly ignoring his numbers at the polls and widespread support, as well as promoting his neoliberal opponent, Keiko Fujimori.

The media offensive against the leftist candidate Pedro Castillo became stronger today in Peru, along with the open promotion of the campaign of the neoliberal Keiko Fujimori, his rival in next Sunday's election.


Peruvians Call For Demonstrations Against Keiko Fujimori

Ranging from McCarthyist attacks to mockery against the rural schoolteacher, all sorts of comments covered leading spaces, particularly from the conglomerate of newspapers and TV stations whose flagship is the old newspaper El Comercio.

Only one newspaper outside the media concert, La Republica, highlighted the massive rally led yesterday by the candidate in the southern Andean city of Puno and recognized it as the largest demonstration recorded in the entire electoral campaign.

At the same time, the media praised Fujimori's new oath of respect for democracy made yesterday -in an attempt to neutralize the resistance generated by her authoritarian and corrupt image - with the remote sponsorship of the right-wing writer Mario Vargas Llosa, until recently her detractor.

Another guarantor of the promises of the daughter of Alberto Fujimori, imprisoned for State crimes, was the fugitive from Venezuelan justice Leopoldo Lopez, whose presence in the country generated widespread rejection and criticism to the Chancellery for allowing and facilitating his interference in the contest.

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