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Peru: Leftist Candidate Castillo Calls for Defending Democracy

  • A crowd welcomes Pedro Castillo (C), Lima, Peru, Jun. 7, 2021.

    A crowd welcomes Pedro Castillo (C), Lima, Peru, Jun. 7, 2021. | Photo: EFE

Published 8 June 2021

As of Tuesday morning, Castillo had secured 50.2 percent of the votes cast on Sunday's elections while Fujimori got 49.7 percent.

On Monday, leftist presidential candidate Pedro Castillo called on Peruvian people to defend democracy after his right-wing rival Keiko Fujimori denounced alleged electoral fraud in the June 6 runoff elections.


Peru: Castillo Takes the Lead In Election Runoff's Vote Count

"We must be vigilant to defend the democracy that is expressed in every vote, inside and outside our beloved Peru. We cannot rest. May this historic vigil allow the rebirth of a new country," Castillo said.

His statements came after Fujimori accused the Free Peru (PL) party of impugning Popular Force's electoral votes as a strategy to delay the voting count and a favorable outcome to her campaign. 

Addressing his supporters in Lima, the rural teacher also called for peace, and tranquility while final electoral results are released. 

As of Tuesday morning, the Office of National Electoral Processes (ONPE) reported that Castillo had secured 50.2 percent of the votes while Fujimori has 49.7 percent. These figures came after counting 92,3 percent of valid ballots.

Over 17 million Peruvian participated in the election runoff, representing a turnout of 76.9 percent. This tally is higher than the one reported in April 11 election first round in which absenteeism was the highest recorded in the last 20 years, at 29,9 percent. 

The elections took place after a political turmoil in this country where two presidents were forced to resign due to corruption scandals last year.

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