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Peru: Left-wing Lawmaker Aks To Dismiss Congress President Alva

  • Congress President Maria Alva (L) and President Pedro Castillo (R), December 2021. Lima, Peru,

    Congress President Maria Alva (L) and President Pedro Castillo (R), December 2021. Lima, Peru, | Photo: Twitter/ @RosaTolerante

Published 16 December 2021

"She alleged that our country has been captured by an illegal communist government, nothing further from the truth,” Bermejo stated. 

On Monday, Peruvian left-wing lawmaker Guillermo Bermejo requested that Congress President Maria Alva be dismissed for questioning the legitimacy of Pedro Castillo’s government before the Spanish Parliament.


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Bermejo considered that the Congress President's attitude is unconstitutional since it violates the principle of power separation and promotes foreign interference in Peruvian internal affairs. 

"Alva alleged that our country has been taken by an illegal communist government, nothing further from the truth," he condemned, stressing that Castillo won 50,12 percent of the ballots in this year's elections and respects private property. 

"Such accusations have political motivations given that Alva will be appointed President if the Peruvian Congress dismisses Castillo and Vice President Dina Boluarte," Bermejo recalled. 

Since Castillo headed office on July 28, he has been harassed by the opposition, which denounced that the union leader committed "fraud" in the elections even though experts from the Organization of American States (OAS) and the European Union (EU) endorsed the process.

"These politicians cannot accept that a progressive president leads the nation and promotes structural changes in favor of the majorities," Castillo condemned. Lawmakers from the left-wing Together for Peru (JPP) and Free Peru (PL) parties already assured that they will back de dismissal request against Alva.

"The Congress Directive Board must conduct itself in a democratic and dialogic manner, with fully respects other institutions. Otherwise, it would cease to represent the interests of the Peruvian people," JPP militants stated.

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