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Peru: Lawmakers Demand Resignation of Anti-Venezuela Minister

  • Progressive lawmakers, Lima, Peru, September 2021.

    Progressive lawmakers, Lima, Peru, September 2021. | Photo: Twitter/ @UniversidadPe

Published 30 September 2021

Left-wing politicians accused Chancellor Maurtua of not respecting the principles of self-determination and non-interference in the internal affairs of other nations.

On Wednesday, Free Peru (FP) lawmakers called for the resignation of Foreign Affairs Minister Oscar Maurtua and Vice-Chancellor Luis Chavez, who contradicted President Pedro Castillo’s decision to strengthen diplomatic relations with Venezuela.


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They accused Maurtua of not defending Castillo’s foreign policy during a parliamentary hearing to which he was summoned to offer details about the meeting between the Peruvian president and Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro held in Mexico on Sept. 18.

“When stating that this meeting was not scheduled, Maurtua distorted reality and evidenced phobias and exclusions for ideological reasons. This behavior is unacceptable," FP politicians said, stressing that the Chancellor also intended to impose the president’s political agenda with this attitude.

Last week, Chavez claimed that his country did not recognize the Maduro administration since Jan. 5. Although the Council of Ministers Chief Guido Bellido forcefully rejected this statement, Maurtua became a silent accomplice. 

"The attitude of both diplomats towards Venezuela violates the principles of self-determination and non-interference in the internal affairs of other nations, a key policy for coexistence between Latin American countries," the lawmakers concluded, stressing that the recognition of the Bolivarian government does not accept hesitant statements.

Former Foreign Affairs Minister Hector Bejar presented his willingness to support the Mexico-hosted dialogues between the Venezuelan government and opposition since these negotiations intend to reach agreements in favor of the population.

Bejar, however, was forced to resign since the Peruvian right turned him into its battle horse against the Castillo administration for having been a member of the National Liberation Army in the 1960s and having known Fidel Castro personally.

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