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Peru: Fujimori Holds Thin Lead Over Castillo - Urban Vote

  • Over 35 million people were due to vote today.

    Over 35 million people were due to vote today. | Photo: Twitter/ @MV_Eng

Published 6 June 2021

Piero Corvetto, head of the ONPE, communicated an advance of results of the urban vote: Keiko Fujimori: 52.905% Pedro Castillo: 47.095% - with 42% of the vote count. Rural results will likely define the winner.

Peru's National Office for Electoral Processes (ONPE) reported Monday midnight that Keiko Fujimori, representing the Fuerza Popular party is leading Pedro Castillo from Peru Libre Party by a razor-thin margin.


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The ONPE confirmed participation at 78%. The first results represented primarily the urban vote close to the ONPE installations. The electoral authorities emphasized that these results were “an advance of results”,  and fundamentally urban. There is still a significant percentage of the minutes to be processed “from the most remote, rural places and votes cast abroad,” it was pointed out.

Castillo is expected to massively win over the rural areas while Keiko would reach a majority in the largest cities of Lima. This amid protests in Lima after the IPSOS exit poll, published three hours earlier, granted the victory to Keiko Fujimori with 50.3 percent. In comparison, Castillo would reach 49.7 percent, a 0.6 margin between both candidates that would suggest a technical tie.

Followers of the Marxist teacher took to the streets peacefully rejecting the exit polls results as Castillo urged them to wait for the ONPE official announcement, which he recognizes.

However, with high polarization in the country, experts forecast a wave of demonstrations from either side in the following days. 

Over 35 million people were due to vote today at the 83 048 polling stations installed in the national territory and 11.673 overseas, according to the National Electoral Jury (JNE).

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