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Paraguay: Prosecutor’s Office Goes On One-Month Strike

  • The Public Prosecutor’s Office building, Asuncion, Paraguay, Oct. 27, 2021.

    The Public Prosecutor’s Office building, Asuncion, Paraguay, Oct. 27, 2021. | Photo: Twitter/ @Chamosaurio

Published 27 October 2021

"While we are left without resources to fight organized crime, lawmakers are paid for the fuel they spend in political campaigns," union leader Turo condemned. 

On Wednesday, workers of the Paraguayan Public Prosecutor’s Office began a one-month strike to reject the decision made by the Finance Ministry, which plans to cut their institution’s 2022 budget by over US$1 million.


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"With the new budget, we will be unable to exercise our functions," union leader Odilon Turo said, stressing that forensic medicine services will continue during the strike to serve the population in emergency cases.

For the last six months, the Public Prosecutor’s Office has not had enough financial resources to undertake large-scale investigations nor even the fuel to transfer its staff for work purposes. Several prosecution offices are also about to close due to rent non-payment.

To counteract this situation in September, the Attorney General’s Office requested the Finance Ministry to increase by US$21 million the budget of the Prosecutor’s Office for next fiscal year. This ministry, however, announced that it would reduce the 2022 budget.

"While we are left without resources to fight organized crime, lawmakers receive over US$700 a month to pay for the fuel they spend in political campaigns," Turo condemned.

On Sept. 28, Paraguayan doctors also went on strike for 14 days to protest against Finance Minister Oscar Llamosas and President Mario Abdo’s inattention to their request of guaranteeing equal pay for all medical personnel.  

"The Abdo administration must end this injustice and guarantee fair wages for all workers in our country," National Union of Physicians (SINAMED) President Rossana Gonzalez condemned.

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