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Over 100,000 Brazilians Acclaim Lula da Silva in Belo Horizonte

  • Workers' Party presidential candidate Lula da Silva, Belo Horizonte, Brazil

    Workers' Party presidential candidate Lula da Silva, Belo Horizonte, Brazil | Photo: Twitter/ @BrianMteleSUR Ricardo Stuckert

Published 19 August 2022

“We managed to get the maid's daughter to become a doctor," he said recalling the policies that the administrations of the Workers' Party implemented to reduce social inequality.

On Thursday night, the Workers' Party (PT) presidential candidate Lula da Silva held his first rally at the station square in Belo Horizonte city, in the state of Mina Gerais, where over 100,000 people cheered the return of hope to Brazil.


Lula Brings Out Bolsonaro’s Contempt for Democracy 

“This is not an ordinary election. It is the dispute between democracy and fascism. What we are discussing here is whether our children and grandchildren will have job opportunities,” the leftist leader said at the country's second-largest electoral college, where 16 million voters will vote in the October election.

“We have already managed to get the maid's daughter to become a doctor. We have already managed to make the son of a mason an engineer. We have already made the son of a gravedigger become a diplomat,” he said, recalling the policies that his administration (2003-2010) implemented to improve income distribution and reduce social inequality.

Among thousands of voices that enthusiastically welcomed his candidacy, the former union leader promised to resume progressive economic policies to lift millions of Brazilians mired in poverty as a result of far-right President Jair Bolsonaro's neoliberal project.

Lula da Silva's tweet reads, "I'll be back because I want to take care of the Brazilian people. And I know I won't be alone. Good night, see you tomorrow."

The popular uproar was also felt through social networks, from which young people sent messages of support for the Workers' Party candidate.

"Lula brought hope to change Brazil!... we are with Lula and we are going to tour the country in defense of our dreams!," the Union of Young Socialists said, accompanying its message with pictures of smiling young people hugging the Brazilian flag.

"It's impossible not to get emotional!... Lula is peace, hope, love, life, and happiness!" tweeted Carlos Augusto, a recently retired military officer who publicly positioned himself in favor of the leftist leader.


Lula da Silva
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