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One Week to Go Before the Parliamentary Primaries in Argentina

  • Electoral authorities wait for citizens at a voting center, Argentina.

    Electoral authorities wait for citizens at a voting center, Argentina. | Photo: Twitter/ @C5N

Published 6 September 2021

"The neoliberal economic model promoted by far-right politicians would bring more poverty and unemployment to our people," President Alberto Fernandez told. 

On Sept. 12, Argentines will attend the Parliamentary Primary Elections (PASO) to define the candidates who will participate in the Nov. 14 elections. The political coalitions that seem to be achieving more citizen support are the pro-government coalition Front of All (FT) and the opposition coalition Together for Change (TFC). 


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"These two opposed political models look at the problems of Argentinians differently. Understanding the dimension of the discrepancy is central to building the future of our nation,” President Alberto Fernandez said for the Infobae news portal.

The FT political agenda establishes a State-promoted national plan of industrialization and employment to fight against the economic recession prompted by the COVID-19 pandemic, which caused the Argentine economy to fall by 9.9 percent in 2020.

"We want the State to be active in economic processes, invest in public works, and subsidize interest rates to generate employment for young people and promote industrialization, which is the key to the country’s economic recovery," the Council of Ministers Chief Santiago Cafiero told.

Although each party that integrates the TFC coalition has established its political agenda for PASO, many of its candidates agreed on neoliberal proposals to boost the national economy. Their policy measures include the reduction of taxes, the recruitment of young people in companies, the establishment of a free single tax for independent workers, and technological innovation programs.

Cafiero assured this model would fail given that it would bring more poverty and unemployment since the State will not redistribute wealth or organize national production to promote economic growth.

While the FT and TFC coalitions are leading electoral preferences, the far-right coalition "Freedom, Go Ahead!" has managed to capture the attention of young Argentines who blame the State for the economic crisis.

This coalition, which is led by economist Javier Milei and former presidential candidate Jose Espert, opposes public intervention in the economy and the legalization of the right to abortion.

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